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Győző - photographer, founder

Győző is a really calm person. Everyone is relaxed when he is around. He became interested in photography during the university years. After some experimenting with landscape photography, he found his passion creating everlasting memories for friends and clients.
Beside photography, he enjoys reading, hiking in the mountains or visiting old mansions. Italy is his dream place. Treat him with seafood spaghetti and he will be happy all day long.
He is happily married and believes in marriage very strongly.


Levi - videographer

Levi is the filmmaker guy. He is a couple years younger and a very artistic person. His films are all about vision and creativity. He is pretty well-educated in music, so he always chooses really cool songs for his films. He also creates ads, music videos and other cool stuff beside wedding films. He is a coffee fanatic and a very social person.


Frequent questions

Do you work worldwide?

We are based in Budapest, but we will happily travel to your destination around the globe.

Do we have to buy photography and videography together?

We are really happy, if you do. We know each other’s work style, so we can cooperate easily. But you can choose just photography alone, too.

Can you bring a second photographer?

For sure, we have some great partners who can join Győző as a second photographer.

We’d like to take our engagement photos up in the alps. Are you willing to do that?

Of course. We are so excited for opportunities that require some climbing and exploring. We are not afraid from heights or dirt on our boots.

When it is the best time to take portraits?

If it is possible, please schedule your portrait (and engagement) session in the last 2 hours before sunset or after sunrise. The lights are so nice that time and you will like your photos way more.