E-session in the Dutch countryside

Have you ever been to the Netherlands? If not, be careful. After looking through these pictures, you will want to.
So this one is about Robert and Lili. They are living around the capital. But they wanted something different for their engagement photos. So they chose Valkenburg, this little historical town and it’s surroundings for the shoot. It’s such a peaceful place and there are some hills around, which is a luxury in the Netherlands. It’s a bit like England, too.
Robi and Lili, thank you for having me! I’m looking forward to your wedding next year.

Surprise engagement of a Russian couple in Budapest

Aleksandr contacted me a few months before their trip to Budapest. This wasn’t their first time in that lovely city. But this time, he wanted to make it really special. He planned to propose. And we made the perfect plan for it. We agreed to do it at sunrise, so there would be no tourists around. And it was more romantic than you could imagine. Yulia presumed nothing. She tought this would be just a short photoshoot to create some pictures about their time in Hungary. But in the magical morning lights, above Budapest, those moments become her - their - most precious memories.